Before and After Your Massage

Before and After Your Massage


  • Shower before you come so that you can keep the nourishing oils I use on you for a while after the massage
  • Bring a hat if it’s cold outside because if your hair gets a little oily your head might feel cold on your way home
  • Eat ideally two hours before the massage, one hour before is fine too, if you rerally must eat on your way to me, keep it down to a small few bites
  • COVID message: wash your hands when you get to the massage room, take your shoes off near the front door and wear a mask.


  • Physical aftercare: Go slow for the rest of the day. Do what you were going to do, just do it slowly (including talking eating and drinking)
  • Emotional aftercare: Try to bear witness only, to any thoughts of the past and plans for the future that might arise after your massage. The Zen monk Shunryu Suzuki said when speaking about Zazen meditation: “In zazen, leave your front door and your back door open. Let thoughts come and go. Just don’t serve them tea.”
  • If you are so happy with the massage that you wouldn’t mind spending a moment of your time to leave me a review, please go to:
  • (facebook) https://www.facebook.com/rahBodywork/
  • (google) https://g.page/rahbodywork/review?gm

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